How exciting it is to dream and plan your new home? Very exciting as long as you know what you are doing!

Building a home from scratch requires understanding of the whole process. From the lot choice to the floorplan, from the brick selection to the finishes, there are a lot of parts that play into this game.

Lots that back up to a greenbelt or creek are always very attractive but, at what cost? How much is too much for a premium? What direction do you want your home to face? What if the lot backs up to a busy or access road, should you take it? The main point here is that you should build a home that fits you and make choices that will retain value later.

The floorplan should attend your needs but, what if the floorplan you selected is the biggest or smallest built in the neighborhood? Does that matter? Absolutely! Appraisals can be very challenging when you look into the biggest or smallest house in a particular neighborhood.

Do your homework first! Research is the key! Consult a real estate professional with experience in new builds!

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