Driving on a sunny weekend, looking for the flags that stand up high, directing clients to model homes! People love doing it either because they are thinking about buying a new home or, simply because they love to check out new design styles and trends. No matter what, model homes bring people to a place where they can dream!

There are so many types of builders for example, luxury builders, custom builders, mass builders, no matter their classification they all build homes. Homes are the product they sell so just like any other company they need a finance department, legal department, marketing and sales department among all others.

Let’s focus on the marketing and sales departments. Their job is to market and sell their product, right? Yes! And this is exactly what they do. Bottom line, the nice and knowledgeable sales person that seats at a model home works for the builder not for the consumer! Yes, they do not represent you, they represent the company!

When visiting a model home people think that everything they see is what they get if they build that particular home. Wrong! Usually, what you see is not what you get unless you are willing to pay a lot more for the home! So, how much more to spend on this project? Is the nice sales person going to help you decide? What do you think?

My advice is to research the builders and look for reviews. Read what the consumers say about customer service and final product.


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