It is very common for people to think they can walk into a builder’s office and buy a home on their own. Well, I want you to think twice before you do so. A few weeks ago, a buyer chose not to hire a Realtor to represent him because he was buying a new construction home and, the sales person was so nice and helpful that the decision of walking this path alone was not a difficult one at the time.

Everything was going well until the appraisal report came in several thousand dollars bellow the negotiated sales price. Here is where the fun begun. That welcoming and helpful sales person made it very clear that there was nothing he could do to change the appraised value, after all he represented the builder not the buyer. The buyer was encouraged to pay for the difference out of his own pocket – which by the way was out of question as the buyer did not have that extra amount to close on the house. Now we have a sales person that represents only the builder and a buyer who has no representation at all. Do I have to say the sale did not happen?

Bottom line, why would one not hire a Realtor, at no expense, who is obligated by the law to look for the client’s best interest only? I will leave you with that question!

In the meantime, here is a website where you can search for new constructions:

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